User Platform User Manual - LMS MODEC

User Platform User Manual

1 – Registration

To register on the MODEC platform, you can click the "Click here" button or if you prefer the access button inside the same block:

Or if you prefer, you can also register by clicking on the Access button in the upper right corner:


After clicking the button to register on the platform, a screen with the image below will appear:

To register on the platform you will need to create an account by clicking on the button:

Just fill in your data with the next screen:

Remembering that fields that have the "!" Symbol are considered mandatory fields, the rest are optional. After completing the registration, click in button "Register this new user"

After this step, it will show a message confirming your registration:

Click the "Continue" button and you will be redirected back to this screen:

2 – Access

After completing the registration, you will need to fill in the left side of the screen with your CPF and password, once completed click on the Access button.

3 – View the contents of the platform

After you have accessed the platform, you have performed the above steps, you will see the following screen:

You will be able to see all courses available to your user.

4 - Take a course

To take a course just click on the name of the course or the image below the title.

After this action, you will be automatically redirected to the course as shown in the image below:

If the course has a self-enrollment option, you will need to click the "Enroll me":

Clicking on the button above you will have access to all course content:

Each course on the platform will have different content. The course shown in the image above is divided into three stages:

·         Training Level – Activity that you should only attend and in some moments interact with the presentation;

·         Assessment Level 1 – Questionnaire with questions related to assisted content;

·         Certificate Level 1 – For you to download or print the Certificate of the course made;

In this case, you must perform the activities in the sequence shown, so you should click on the first title “Training Level 1”:

When you click on this button, the course will open in another browser window - Pop-Up and this window may be blocked by your browser. If this happens, it will show in the bar of your browser an indication as shown in the screen below:

Just click on the button  and unlock Pop-Up as shown in the image below:


Select the "Always show Pop-Ups from" option and click the "Done" button. And then open the window again, by clicking the button again  and clicking the blue link to open the course window.

When you open the course window, it will show the contents of this activity in the browser window as shown in the image below:


It may take a while to look like this image above, this depends solely on the speed of your internet connection. While this image is loaded, this symbol may appear

If you are loading, just wait for the course screen to appear. As soon as the course screen appears, simply follow the instructions on the screen, in this example you will need to click in button "Click to Start".

The course started with information such as:

To follow this course just click the button as shown below:


If it is gray, you probably need to do something inside the screen, that is, click on some other object on the screen.

After you complete all phases of the activity, you will go to the following screen informing that you have completed this step of the course:

After completing all course steps, as shown on the screen above, you simply close the browser window and you will return to the previous window of the course.


If you have not checked þ the Lightweight Training 1 option, press the F5 key to refresh your browser screen. Probably the screen will look like this:

The next step will be to carry out the next activity of the course, in which case it will be the activity with the name "Assessment Level 1". To do this just click on the name.

When you click on this activity, you will be redirected to the following screen:

To answer the questions you will need to click the "Attempt wanted now" button. When you click the button, you will be redirected to the questions, as shown below:

Remembering that the questions of the Activity may be in random order, meaning that each time you access the questionnaire, the questions will be in different orders.

Answer questions carefully, which will always be made based on the content of the previous activity. So to answer them, you need to be aware of the contents of "Training Level 1" in this example.

To go to the next question just click on the "Next page":

After answering all the questions, you will go to the following screen:

If you find it necessary, you can go back to any question to view the response you have indicated or even change the option. Once you are sure of all the answers, you will need to send them. For this you need to click the "Submit all and finish".


The platform will confirm the sending of activity responses with the following message:

At this stage you just need to confirm and submit your answers. After sending your answers the platform will automatically correct the activity and will bring the Feedback as shown in the image below:

In that same screen you simply lower to see what issues you have hit or miss. It will show the correct answers and at the end of the screen has the button to get you back on the course screen:

When you return, you will automatically be checked þ the Activity, if it is not enough, just leave the F5 key to refresh your browser window.

After you perform the Quiz Activity as shown in the image above, the platform will automatically release your Certificate

To download your Certified, simply click on the name "Certificate Level 1". It will prompt you to save your Certificate.

Choose a place where you want to save and click the Save button.